Saturday 30 April 2016

Edric Mendoza's Key Lessons from his 1,000+ guests

Edric Mendoza of ANC On The Money
Listening to Edric Mendoza during his talk at the Truly Rich Club's Wealth Summit last month was another great learning moment for me. Mr. Mendoza who hosts the ANC On the Money started his talk by sharing key lessons he learned from his 1,000+ guests.

He also shared that one of the most cherished values that he teach his children is about Obedience and that if we don't obey, there are consequences.

It also my second time to see his eldest son, Elijah,  to give sharing on stage during a financial event. Elijah shared 3 biggest learnings from his father. The value of hardwork where he narrated how they bonded as father and son on his 13th birthday where they climb Mt. Apo. They struggled for four days to reach the summit but the view was spectacular and worth all the difficulties along the way. 

At a young age, Elijah had started investing in the stock market with blue chip companies. He said that this is the value of Oversee. He also shared the importance of being grateful in life.

Edric Mendoza is indeed living to his mantra that we can change the world one family at a time.

Edric Mendoza's key lessons from interviewing more than 1,000+ guests in his program On The Money
Father and Son

Edric Mendoza explaining the importance of having a clear End-Goal.

Edric and Joy Mendoza's five children

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