Saturday 15 October 2016

OFWs into Farming...

Sir, maraning salamat sa inyong financial literacy. Eto po yung isa sa mga bunga!!!

This is the message I got tonight while stuck in the office with our team for a system maintenance activities.

Indeed, we never know what impact we can have on others. What was a low key financial literacy for OFW friends is now bearing fruits for others. A small act of sharing can do wonders if the recipient has a biased for action on whatever they learn.

This is also a testament that OFWs can grow our savings in so many ways and one of them is by investing directly into the agricultural sector.

And for someone who is a farmer at heart, I am so happy to see fellow OFWs who are getting into farming.

The same OFW who is now into farming also invests in financial instruments like stocks. In his last vacation, he also had his insurance needs reassessed and told me that he also stop his credit cards.

I am so excited what the future holds for these fellow OFWs who have become SMART investors - financially equipped and enabled to make better financial decisions...