Wednesday 20 July 2016


OFSI Core Team
Seminarista ka na!!! 

This is what I told a friend of more than 10 years while he is updating me on the many seminars which he has been attending in the last one year. It is amazing how he transformed from a spender into a very focused OFW investor and entrepreneur in just one year.

I am overwhelmed with joy as I look back to how he started last year when he attended one of my seminars. He really applied all his learnings from goal setting to building his family's emergency fund, securing protection, investments into financial instruments as well getting into business. He did not only apply his learnings but he continuously sought events where he can grow and learn more. And my friend and his wife are way younger than me, so I am excitedly looking forward to see them retire young as they already have target passive income to retire. 

Whenever he tells me how he is grateful for getting him into becoming financially literate, I am always overwhelmed with emotions. But I also feel a little regret as he tells me how he wish they listened to me 10 years ago.

You see, I have been telling my OFW friends to start investing in financial instruments since I learned about mutual funds more than 12 years. But I guess, I was not yet believable then since I was just starting as well.

Financial Literacy is a basic life skill for everyone!!! And surround yourself with great friends who are positive influence and inspiration. I was just mentoring my friends before but many of them are now my inspiration to do more and become consistent in fulfilling God's purpose in my life.

Picture Taken during the Wealth Summit 2015 of Bro Bo Sanchez