Thursday 9 June 2016

MOH Nurses Special Batch 4 started

MOH Nurses Special Batch 4
The MOH Nurses Batch 4 started today with the module 1 of the Basic Financial Literacy Series for OFWs. The special batch for nurses allows us to reach out to the thousands of fellow OFWs in the medical profession who works in shifts.

The session is extra special as I am still trying to regain strength from a sudden sickness and had to do the session practically sitting most of the time.

The hunger for information and guidance of fellow OFWs in today's session had once again affirmed OFSI's beliefs of this great need of financial education to greater number of OFWs. And it is also an honor to see the previous attendees who are now advocates themselves reaching out to their friends and colleagues.

This is indeed the kind of Modern Day Bayanihan spirit that the country needs. This is the kind of Modern Day Bayanihan of OFWs that contributes to the vision of united Filipino families in the next generation. Such that the next generation of Filipinos will no longer need leave their homes behind...

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