Friday 13 May 2016

OFSI-TGFI Batch 10 Graduates

BATCH 10 Attendees with OFSI Founder/President

Nineteen OFWs completed today the 5 sessions Basic Financial Literacy series for OFWs. This series is being provided for FREE, Modern Bayanihan of OFWs, where we empower and enable fellow OFWs make better financial decisions.
Below is a testimony of one of the attendees, Mr. Maynar Molina, who is a Nurse/EMT.
"The experience in the course was awesome and it was an eye opener for all of us. Now, the no.1 myths about stock market and investment is broken, my thought process has changed. The course was organized by OFSI headed by Renz Leano, has largely been a rewarding experience. The course not only provided extensive coverage on the topic but also touched upon the vital aspects of money management that is crucial for designing healthy portfolio strategies especially how to become successful investors. Mr Leano brilliant presentation decoded all necessary information in an absolute lucid way. His profound knowledge on the subject, and an immaculate style of teaching has practically rendered all participants speechless. "One of the best courses I have attended". For OFSI Founder and President Mr Renz Leano and officers who devoted their time and resources just to teach OFW like me on how to manage their finances FOR FREE. Thank you and may God bless you. Isa kayong tunay na bayani!!!!"

Batch 10 with the OFSI Core Team

OFSI Batch 10 with Core Team
Selfie with the Attendees

Celebrating the milestone with great food

Blessing the food

Post session guidance

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