Thursday 28 May 2015

OFSI Batch 7 - Basic Financial Literacy Series for OFWs

Preparation for Batch 7 Sessions Started
Batch 7 and counting...

My appetite for learning, search for financial security and natural desire to share had brought me to the path of providing financial literacy to fellow OFWs. It's been 10 years since I started investing in stocks indirectly through Mutual Fund. It was very difficult to find information as well as mentors then.

Being an OFW had also limited my learning opportunities. I had to contend with reading books and Truly Rich Club membership.  But even then, I already started sharing these learnings to friends and most of them just listened without doing anything. In fact, I "coerced" my kumpare and kumare in opening a mutual fund account for my inaanak in 2007.

This sharing to friends led to the batch 1 of OFSI in 2012. The OFSI batch 1 is composed of 5 close friends - Bon, Elixer, Herbert, Jayar and Yvonne. I used to give them sessions on weekends sometimes even at midnight. Herbert just read materials at home based on what I provide him. They finally opened their COL accounts in May 2013. I am very proud and grateful to this mythical five as they allowed me to grow into what I am today. Their trust and confidence had pushed me to learn more and inspired me to be more consistent in my investments. They pave the way for OFSI to what it has become today.

To date, OFSI had already given financial literacy series to more than hundred OFWs and their families. We continue to guide them into becoming OFW Investors with the right mindset and strategy through our monthly session. Our series which runs for 5 sessions are always overflowing with attendees. In fact, we are just preparing for batch 7 and yet, registration for batch 8 had already started. We have also started to reach out to our friends and families by making our sessions available online.

OFSI Officers with the Batch 6 Graduates
Our desire to continue to provide these sessions for FREE is a continuous challenge. But with pure advocacy in our hearts, God always sends His angels whenever we are faced with challenges. We also gained our share of doubters and non-believers to what we do. They question our motives while others view us as just bunch of money lovers. But I am less bothered as I am focused on the people who needs our guidance. I am focused to helping fellow OFWs to become better stewards of their financial blessings. What they think of us reflect their values or motivations in life and not ours.

OFSI fully understands that the ultimate purpose of wealth is to bless other people. Thanks to one of our virtual mentors - Bro Bo Sanchez. We are fully aware that as we seek to become rich in the outside, we need to be rich in the inside as well. OFSI will continue to exist as a showcase of real OFW bayanihan - OFWs who are helping fellow OFWs and their families achieve financial freedom and abundance. OFSI will help in addressing the exploitation of businesses to ignorant OFWs who falls prey to financial scams as well as wrong financial decisions.

OFSI will continue to live by our values of Competence, Excellence, Integrity & Service. We will make our humble contribution with all other financial literacy advocates in the vision of Financially Literate OFWs who are making sure that the next generation of Filipinos will no longer need to leave their families and friends behind just to earn a living.

I am very excited to start and meet the attendees of OFSI Batch 7 series - another group of future OFW Investors!!!

OFSI - Overseas Filipino Stocks Investors

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