Saturday 21 March 2015

Retire Young and Truly Rich OFWs!!!

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I am writing this blog at around nine in the evening after whole day of monitoring maintenance in the house in preparation for future Financial Literacy series for fellow OFWs. It's almost two years now since I opened my house for such sessions. I can no longer count on how many OFWs had attended sessions at home.

This advocacy to help fellow OFWs had taken a lot from me - time, talent and treasure. I must admit that it has never been easy.  I get tired and sometimes long for the privacy of my flat during weekends.

Gift from fellow OFWs

But whenever I talked to our fellow OFWs and hear how they are transformed by our sessions, I get reinvigorated. The difference that we are able to make to other OFWs gives me enough strength to rally my fellow volunteer advocates to reach out to more OFWs. This also reminds me of the enormous need to spread financial education for Filipinos and that everyone has to make their contribution to make a difference to the greater majority of Filipinos.

I see myself from my fellow OFWs doing their best to achieve their dreams while helping their families the best that they can. And this doesn't come without the great sacrifice of living alone thousand of miles away in a foreign land.

So to my fellow OFWs, don't just work hard. Be financially literate so that we can all Retire Young and Truly Rich!!!

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