Saturday 7 March 2015

Every Filipino Deserves to be Rich

"Every Filipino Deserves to be Rich". COL Financial founded by my mentor Mr. Edward Lee was built on this foundation.

I am a personal witness of how passionate Mr. Edward Lee in making sure that more Filipinos get rich through stocks investing. I have seen this up close in the very first Truly Rich Club Wealth Summit in 2013. This was further reinforced in the last 2014 Wealth Summit when he brought his younger son Edmund to give a talk on Stocks Trading.

But in the 2015 Wealth Summit today, it was exceptional. I could not help but marvel as I watch the father and 2 sons passionately share their knowledge, experience and wisdom.

You can feel their deep sense of commitment and passion to educate more Filipinos on how they can become great stocks investors like Warren Buffet. Such an inspiring family.

As a Filipino, I feel truly blessed and grateful to the generous, humble and Godly Mr. Edward Lee for making sure that more Filipinos will have richer lives.

I have not only learned today. I am moved to remain steadfast in doing my own share focusing on my fellow OFWs and their families so that more OFWs will retire young and truly rich by investing in stocks.

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