Saturday 28 February 2015

Keep Your Dreams Alive

When I was young, I used to tell everyone that I dream of becoming President of the country one day so that I can help other people especially the poor. But young as I am, I also had other dreams. I wanted to become lawyer, doctor, teacher and many more. But what is common with my dreams is the reason behind it. I wanted to help other people.

I can still vividly remember one incident wherein my mother (Inang) was carrying me because it was raining. It was dark and the road is slippery. I felt guilty and I told Inang that when I grow up, I will fish for her. I guess I kept my promise :) I did not fish for her by being fisherman but I worked hard to be able to provide her a comfortable retirement :)

Growing up, we all have big dreams for ourselves, for our families and for other people. But along the way, we allow circumstances and even other people to steal our dreams. We allow poverty to stop us from pursuing our dreams. We listen to the wrong people who one way or the other way keep us away from pursuing our dreams in life. We allow our own laziness and other distractions to keep us from working on our dreams. We allow pessimism and instant gratification to reign in our lives. We allow setbacks, mistakes and failures to stop us from pursuing our dreams not recognizing that it is necessary and part of the same journey.

If there is one thing that can keep us motivated despite the challenges that we face along the way, it is our dreams. It is the reason why I do the things that I do everyday. It is the reason why I am still an OFW even after 16 long years. It is the reason why I still do the best I can at work and in all my endeavors. It is my dreams that is the single biggest factor in my own little successes in life.

So keep your DREAMS ALIVE. And for the younger ones, dream. Oh not just dream, DREAM BIG!!!

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