Tuesday 17 February 2015

Invest in Stocks OFWs

Invest in Stocks. This is my usual advice to fellow OFWs. Invest in Stocks for your long term goals such as retirement fund, fund for dream house and children's educational fund. Invest in Stocks for your dreams.

But most often than not, investment and stocks are too foreign for most OFWs or Filipinos in general. In fact, when you mention about investment, many Filipinos think that it is just for the rich. And for some who are into stocks without guidance, they end up confused between investing and trading.

If only OFWs know that in the last 22 years, PSEi has grown 476 percent or around 22 percent per year if it is evenly divided on yearly basis. In fact, Mr. Edward Lee, COL Financial founder and Chairman illustrated how a 1 million pesos in 1992 would have become around 37 million at the end of 2012 if only the money was invested in BPI shares.

And not many Filipinos know that they can start investing into Philippine giant companies with just minimum investment of 5,000 pesos only.

This is the awareness that OFSI (www.ofsi.ph) is trying to create with OFWs and their families. OFSI teaches OFWs practical money management so that they can build a strong financial foundation and start investing as soon as possible. We assist OFWs to learn from mentors like Bro. Bo Sanchez of the Truly Rich Club as well as from the great stocks investors like Warren Buffet and Edward Lee.

Investing in Stocks with the right mindset and strategy will assist OFWs to retire young and truly rich.

Be home soon OFWs and reunite with your loved-ones and friends. Invest in Stocks OFWs!!!

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