Friday 12 June 2015

Dreaming for More Young Filipino Stocks Investors

Melvin with our sweet Angel Sofia
I am writing this as the country celebrates its 117th Independence. It also marks the 21st birthday of one of my nephews Melvin - the 4th "Apo" of my parents.

From childhood, Melvin had always been very good in earning extra and saving money. But what I discovered is that, his savings always end up loaned to either his Mama or his siblings.

 Early last year, I assisted him with two other nephews to open an investment account with COL. He has now the biggest stocks portfolio among the three. Melvin also assist me in preparing the OFSI stocks guide to help members thus making him learn more about stocks investing. I am pretty sure that he has a "bright future" and a "richer life" ahead of him, not just because of the formal education that we are providing him. But because of his financial literacy which he started to apply early in his life.

It is my dream to see more young Filipinos who instead of just playing COCs and other computer games, they become financially literate at a young age and able to invest in the stock market.

My advocacy to help in spreading financial literacy among OFWs become more meaningful when we are able to reach out to their families especially the children.

True independence will only be felt by majority of Filipinos when the greater majority is lifted from the bondage of poverty, when more Filipinos achieve Financial Freedom and Abundance.

To a Financially Literate Philippines, let us continue to do our share... (Modern Day Bayanihan of OFWs) (The Global Filipino Investors TGFI) #FinanciallyLiteratePH

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