Saturday 28 April 2018

OFSI Regular Batch 14: Another Batch of Empowered OFWs

Another batch of OFWs complete the OFSI's Basic Financial Literacy series which had run from April 6 to 27 for 4 Fridays.

The sessions aim to empower OFWs to make better and smarter financial decisions with its power packed instructional, informational and inspirational modules.

This is a Modern Day Bayanihan of OFWs being facilitated by a group of OFW volunteers - independent from any business interests.

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  1. The 4-week course of financial literacy conducted by Mr. Renz Leano (founder of OFSI) had made a big impact on our financial views in life. It tackles not just the basics of investing but also on how to maximize our resources in helping others too. It was an honor and priviledge to be part of the OFSI community which aims in helping OFW's to be a smart investors. It was also great to hear the testimonies of other kababayans in which they shared that they are now handling their finances wisely. The 4 sessions were full of information and inspirational talk from our mentor. This was an eye opener to all of us that whatever blessings we have now we should take good care of it and make it grow so that we can be also a channel of blessings not just to our family but also to others. Thank you sir renz and to all OFSI officers! May the Lord bless and keep you safe always! Overall it was a great experience:-)